Thursday, August 26, 2010


When guns are taken all other liberties will follow. The gun and the gun alone stands between you and total repression. Stand with your gun or kneel without it. You are always the soldier, the soldier in an endless struggle between liberty and tyranny and when you forget that or leave the field you forfeit the freedoms you enjoy.
by Ron Russell

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Kristin said...

With city officials telling residents that they will not respond to burglary calls, the only thing standing between you and the "bad guy" is your gun.

Trestin said...

The 2nd is what has kept us free this long.

John Carey said...

Well said Ron!

David said...

Hello Friend,

Thanks very much for added my link on your Blog

Thanks again and all the best with your endeavours!


Randy-g said...

It could not be said better Ron, well done!

MK said...

Definitely right mate, we gave up our guns and now we have no freedom, most of us just don't know it.

Always On Watch said...

When guns are taken all other liberties will follow.


But many living in the liberal suburbs just don't grasp that reality.