Thursday, August 12, 2010

The EPA Trumps Congress

Obama is attempting to bypass congress and the will of the American people by executive order in giving the EPA new powers that will give them massive control over over all phases of our lives. The cap and trade policies will not be passed by congress, so the intention of the Obama administration is to pass them through the EPA by decree. These proposed standards on green house gases will in fact destroy the economy of the United States. Energy prices will literally go through the roof and businesses large and small will be forced to raise the price of their products or their services to the public. The individual who must pay to heat and cool his home will be forced to pay much more. Consumers will pay more at home, much more. Consumers will pay more everywhere--the grocery store, the movies, the cafe, the fast food places,the gas station, at every turn of our lives the new Obama policies will rob us, will rob us of our lively hood and our children's future. This is not a plan for redistribution, but a road to destruction, a road to total control or perhaps a road to revolution. Yes, Obama's revolution could plunge this country into a new type of civil war, a war between the vast urban areas and the sprawling rural and suburban areas of the country. No north vs south this time. Obama is on a path to a violent revolution not the peaceful revolution he and his fellow-travelers have planned for. This is a dark picture, but sadly one that could materialize.

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hbl said...

Executive Orders are easily canceled. I am urging my congressman to do the harder thing: Amend the Clean Air Act to remove CO2 and the other four gases from regulation.

John Carey said...

Congress has little courage to do this, but they need to strip the EPA's power from them or the States need to nullify their actions by refusing to accept the policy.

Steve Dennis said...

I agree with John, congress has got to step in and stop this. The problem is that there are too many on board with cap and trade for this to happen.
I sometimes wonder if we will indeed see revolution in the streets. I would not be surprised to see violence escalate if this regime does not start listening to the American people.

PatriotUSA said...

Where I live, Oregon, the state
is way ahead of the feds in
forcing cap and trade upon the
people who reside in Oregon.
Our utility rates will have
gone up almost 26% in the last
year. Most of these increases is
for 'green energy.' They fail to
mention the loss of 150 jobs at
Oregons' only coal fired plant
which produces over 50 of
Portland and the regions electricity. These increase are
nothing but taxes masked in
another color. Now we will be
paying to subsidize solar energy
projects that only the rich can
afford. I plan on NOT paying these
fees as soon as they show up on our
bill. It is what is coming from
the EPA and the mullah who is
in the White House.

Always On Watch said...

The cap and trade policies will not be passed by congress, so the intention of the Obama administration is to pass them through the EPA by decree.

The American people need to come to grips with the fact that we've got a dictator sitting in the Oval Office. He has no regard for the checks and balances of our Constitution, and that makes him a dictator as far as I'm concerned.