Sunday, April 3, 2016

10 Top words or phrases hated by Millennials

A recent poll conducted by S.H.I.T. (Sam Houston Institute of Technology) has revealed the top 10 words or phrases most hated by Millennials:
10.  White Man
9.     Capitalism
8.     First Amendment
7.     Guns
6.     Police
5.     Conservative
4.     Donald Trump
3.     Republican
2.     Work
1.      "Get a Job" 

It should be noted that this survey was conducted at leading universities across the nation and does not reflect the opinions of millions of millennials who flip burgers, dig ditches, members of the Armed Forces and First Responders!  


Sandee said...

Covers it nicely. They are all in for a rude awakening down the road. Bless their hearts.

Have a fabulous day Ron. ☺

Kid said...

LOL They be in for a shock.