Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Peeing with Pedophiles and Perverts courtest of Obama's Brave New World

Recently Bruce Springsteen, aka The Boss cancelled a concert in North Carolina to protest that's states recent law that requires people use the restroom not of their choice, but the gender toilet mandated by their birth certificate.  In other words if they were born with male parts they should use the male facilities and vice versa.  The federal courts have mandated that a person be allowed to use the restrooms of their choice despite their sex.  Seems to me this would open the toilet door to any pervert, pedophile or voyeur that comes down the pike.  Would our little kids be safe in public restrooms?  Restrooms that have no borders and welcome and, yes even welcome pedophiles and perverts with open arms.  All in the name of protecting the open border peeing privileges of transgenders.  Personally, I feel a little sorry for those in the transgender community.  When it comes to sexual reproduction (reproduction that is absolutely essential to the continuation of mankind) they are about as useless as "tits on a boar hog"!  True transgenders for the most part do not present a threat to kids in the public restrooms.  The real threat comes from those pedophiles and perverts who would take advantage of the new federal laws and violate those most precious to us----our children.  I wonder if there is anyway to truly identify real transgenders so they can be granted a state issued pass to use the restroom of their choice.  Generally I am opposed to the government getting involved in any aspect of our lives.  But then, in this case, they have opened the door and now they need to put into effect some kind of regulation to insure this new policy is not violated by unscrupulous voyeurs and pedophiles.  Failing that the law should be changed or be may all inclusive so that all can have that freedom of choice in selecting their public facility!   Personally I don't want to pee with perverts, pedophiles or homosexuals.  Peeing is private----we are not dogs or cattle and need not be forced to act like it. 
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