Sunday, April 10, 2016

Will Homicide and Theft become Protected Behaviors

In recent years the courts have extended the rights of protected behavior to insure that homosexuals, cross-dressers, and transvestites be treated equally under that law.  They can no longer be discriminated against because of their "choice of behavior"!  Now across the country, criminal defense lawyers are using those court decisions to demand their clients---those charged with homicide, theft and drug dealing---be afforded the same rights as homosexuals and cross-dressers and have their life styles be protected under the law!  This is the logical end of the thinking on the left.  If one transgender male, can disrupt the private activities of hundreds of females in those no longer private facilities it is perfectly OK.  Therefore, allow that homicidal maniac the protection of the law----after all they are few and just like that transgender person, the chances of coming into personal contact with them is remote.  To increase you odds of avoiding these social misfits keep your doors locked and that a leak, before leaving the home to visit the mall so you can avoid public restrooms----as restrooms that will become the hangout for increasing numbers of voyeurs! 
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