Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Dissidents in Venezuela are on the verge of over-throwning the Socialist Government of Nicolas Maduro

After over a decade of living under socialism the people of Venezuela have apparently had enough of the utter failure of the socialist state first under Hugo Chavez and now under Nicolas Maduro.  Remember when the socialist of Chavez first came to power how those on the American left praised the change with many Hollywood elites actually making the trek to that nation to break bread with the leaders of what amounted to another communist revolution in Latin American.  Now that socialism as emptied the shelves in the stores, the people of one of that oil rich nations find themselves starving in many cases.  In short, the shit is about to hit the fan in that socialist nation.  One must wonder in the young socialist on American college campuses will take note.  Hell I would venture a guess, they couldn't even find that country on a fricking map.  Read more on the breaking news out of Venezuela in the Breitbart article below. 

Dissidents participating in what Venezuela’s opposition dubbed the “mother of all protests” Wednesday faced gang attacks, tear gas, and other repressive tactics by state police and civilian militias alike. Dictator Nicolás Maduro announced a plan Monday to arm as many as one million chavistas seeking to join government-sponsored gangs on Tuesday in anticipation of the protest. Addressing a socialist rally on Monday, Maduro announced he would begin expanding the ranks of the National Bolivarian Militia, a creation of late dictator Hugo Chávez meant to arm radical socialists in a nation where legally owning firearms outside of such groups is banned.  Read more....
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