Sunday, April 30, 2017

Two Aliens and well endowed Earthling

Two aliens landed in a very remote section of an Arizona desert. After a long walk they come to an abandon gas station. One of the two approached the gas pump, thinking it to be an inhabitant of the planet and said, "greetings Earthling, take us to you leader".  

Of course there was no reply. Where upon the first alien repeated his words, "greeting Earthling, take us to you leader." Again there was silence. The Alien was getting mad and drew his ray gun and repeated the message, "take me to your leader or I'll shoot." The second Alien said, "don't shoot"! But before the words has scarcely passed his lips the first Alien fires. 

There is a huge explosion, tossing the two hundreds of yards. After coming around, the first Alien asked the second, "how did you know these earthlings were so mean. The second replies, after years of traveling the galaxy I have learned you never mess with a man whose pecker is so long he can wrap it around himself twice and then stick it in his ear.
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