Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Almost 180,000 Signatures for White House Petition to Label Antifa a Terrorist Organization

Hopefully, President Trump will hear the people on this and designate Antifa as a terrorist group. There were more than 180,000 signatures on the Whitehouse.gov site asking that this be implemented. They only needed 100,000. I just checked and 202,358 have signed including yours truly. This is one of those things everyone should get behind, unless of course you are an Antifa communist/anarchist scumbag. Then, not so much.
If you have seen Black Bloc or Antifa, you know they are violent, domestic terrorists. In Boston this weekend, along with Black Lives Matter, they threw bottles of urine, rocks and coke cans filled with cement at the police. They torch cars and businesses. They beat people up and get people killed. Most hide like cowards behind masks, so they can get their violence on anonymously. Calling them terrorists is a no-brainer and I’m sure President Trump sees it that way too.

A White House petition requesting that President Trump’s administration label Antifa as a terrorist organization reached more than 180,000 signatures, surpassing the 100,000 needed for a response from the White House.
The petition created on August 17 calls for President Trump to formally designate the radical, left-wing movement as a terrorist organization following the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, earlier in August.  Read more.....
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