Monday, August 7, 2017

Shocking: Calexit began the day after November Election

Recently, we have all been made aware of the 'Calexit'.  A movement for California to leave the Union.  A movement that gained full steam following the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States.  Strange as it may seem, the south bound traffic, between California and Mexico was exceedingly high the day following the 2016 election.  Also mysteriously, the traffic headed north the day before the election was extremely heavy.  Perhaps, the south bound traffic on the day following the election can be explained by a run on cheap tequila; with southern Californians needing to find solace in the bottle after Hillary's crushing defeat.  Or we could just accept the principal of 'Occams Razor', that more or less implies the most obvious explanation for an event is often the most logical.  Little wonder Hillary beat Trump by almost a million votes alone in the Golden State.  Seriously, just how many Mexican nationals and illegal aliens voted in California's election.  If this continues, let's just allow that state to go it's own way and even hook up with Mexico.  However, I must point out the DNC would never support such a move.  After all, that would insure that they would never, never win the Electoral College vote.  So all this 'Calexit' is just a bunch of crap!    
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