Saturday, August 19, 2017

I'm Irish, I'm a Southerner, and I will not allow my face to be rubbed in the dirt a second time.

My early Irish ancestors were in Virginia and North Carolina  years before the potato famine in Ireland forced tens of thousands to flee that country to the United States.  Only to be met at the docks and pressed into military service by the Federal Government.  They were fighting for a cause they knew nothing about while their cousins to the south had deep roots in what had become the CSA (Confederate States of America).  The liberals of today would have you believe the only reason for the great conflict between the states was slavery.  No so.  When it was Lincoln himself who said, "if I could save the union by keeping slavery in the southern states I would do so.  And if I could save it by freeing the slaves I would do that".  No the war for Southern Independence was not fought because of slavery in the South, but for the political dominance by the North.  And now to paraphrase and update the words of the 'Great Emancipator' we are once again met  on the battlefield of that conflict where one side would  dishonor the hundreds of thousands who died on the other side by calling them RACIST.  Lincoln would have never, never have uttered such words, but today's Progressive's would rewrite history to conform to contemporary standards regardless of what is the truth.

They use lies, half-truths and worn out platitudes to advance what is an ungodly cause.  Because in the end, their only God is an all powerful government that knows what's best for those poor souls who have strayed.  And of course their battle cry is, "Amen, and past the head of Robert E. Lee"!  

Help us save not just Confederate Monuments, but all historical monuments across American that are under attack by the left by clicking HERE!
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