Sunday, October 8, 2017

Socialist Venezuelan Presidente Maduro has solved that Nation's Toilet Paper shortage

In a sheer stroke of genius, that could only come from a Socialist (communist) leader.  Venezuela's Presidente Nicolas Maduro has solved that nations toilet paper shortage with a mere stroke of his mighty pen.  By executive order, the Presidente has ordered all food stocks removed from grocery store shelves. Not only will this solve the toilet paper problem, but at the same time relieve the pressure on antiquated sewage treatment plants especially in that nation's capital city of Caracus.  Furthermore Muduro stated at the elaborate signing ceremony of the NFCA (National Food Conservation Act), that there would no longer be a need for laxatives, Gringo weight loss schemes, and pampers.  El Presidente was also quick to point out this glorious move would also drastically reduce the number of rats in the sprawling catacombs beneath the city. However opposition leaders, said it would no nothing about the rats that infest the National Palace. 
by Ron Russell    
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