Thursday, April 30, 2009

Are You Looking for Obama's Nuts

Save your nuts before the government gets you by the balls.By Ron Russell

I recall as a young man I often went into the woods on a cold fall mornings in search of the illusive country squirrel. They were hard to find--guess they knew they were meat for the table (fried squirrel was a treat is those days--no joke!). I do recall one thing about those old country squirrels,especially in the fall, they were always gathering nuts--one after another. I think they knew a hard time was coming.
I'm older now and live in the city. Sad to say, squirrel hunting days are over. I have noticed, however, that the squirrels here (city squirrels) don't gather nuts in the same way as their country cousins did. I'm sure some misguided progressive will say that's because of global warming--warmer winters and the squirrel doesn't have to prepare as much!! This conservative thinks otherwise--the city squirrel knows that even on cold winter days he can go to the park and someone on a nice park bench will give him a nut--or even a handful of them. Are you like the country squirrel--preparing for hard times, or like the city squirrel waiting for the Obama bailout.
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1 comment:

Contra Costa Libetarian said...

If one continues to feed the squirrel nuts on the park bench, the squirrel will begin to feel entitled to such handouts and approach without fear, until such time as he forgets how to find his own nuts. Then he will become dependent on the handouts, without which, he will perish.

I am concerned that many people these days are like the city squirrel and cannot, or will not, find their own nuts. They will continue to vote for those who feed them the nuts obtained by others.