Monday, April 27, 2009

Scent of Power

Often we take our small dog with us on trips in the car and like almost all dogs he loves to put his head out the window. Until the other day I had never really thought about why. Why do all dogs like to put their head out nose into the wind. Sometimes at home he will lay in front of the fan, but it seems no big deal to him. Yesterday, I had one of those "light bulb" moments. Its the scents--he's simply flooded with them as the car moves swiftly down the road. Dozens of new smells each and every second and the car speeds quickly along. It must be a super high for an animal with such a sensitive nose. It's probably too much for his little mind to understand--the thousands and thousands of changing scents. Strangely, this got me to thinking about our new president.

The high Obama must be feeling sensing all the reigns of power he now holds. The tens of thousands of people who rely on him directly for their employment, the hundreds of reporters who eagerly await to be called on by this "great" leader, the dozens of CEO's who tremble when their phone rings fearing it could be the White House issuing them a pink slip, the thousands who are eagerly awaiting an audience with "the one", the millions who await his next words coming from their "magic box", and yes even Chris Matthews awaiting that next wonderful tingle. Yes, Obama has his nose out the window and is getting high on the "Scent of Power", and like my little dog he will not tire of it. Someone will have to pull him away because the intoxication is irresistible, and like the dope addict, the fixes will have to get larger and larger to maintain this ecstasy the man is obviously feeling. So Americans get ready to write Obama bigger checks and get ready to give up more personal liberties. This addict needs it, he has the "Scent of Power".
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Anonymous said...

What did W do with the Geneva Convention and Right to Privacy? If I was water boarded close to 200 times I would say whatever they wanted to hear to make it stop. Albeit the government is bailing out the companies that routinely screw people, instead of bailing out the people (which is basically impossible), Obama has made steps to expose torture, reinvigorate the economy that W destroyed and engage foreign countries without the cold war arrogance that the former administration contributed to. Has the country gotten so big and segregated that we need to secede? Or maybe collectively - in the eyes of the world - we can all become part of the greatest nation once again and work toward a common goal. I choose the latter.

Ron Russell said...

If you had information that would save one single American life I would have you watered a thousand times until I got the truth--yes you might lie 999 times, but eventually you would wakeup to the fact that you story was being checked out---which they all are. Obama is not reinvigorating the economy as you put it, but rather stealing from one group of Americans to give to another--nothing good about that. And segregation or intergregation as nothing to do with this problem those on the left play the race card far more than those on the right--its sad. I noticed you used the word "collectively", I think thats where you are really coming from---a society based on collectivism and not individuality. A fatal flaw in any system---one that has never worked. A Utopian dream not based in fact or reality.

OB said...

To the first commenter, bailing out the people is easy... try tax cuts.

Mr Pink Eyes said...

Anonymous, where do you get the 200 number from, the memos said we waterboarded three times.
I agree with OB, tax cuts work every time they are tried.
As for Obama, we better roll up the window pretty soon. :)

Anonymous said...

Mr Pink Eyes, I guess the number of times water is poured between each session can be disputed as to what constitutes an act of torture.

Ron, when I use the word "collectively" it doesn't have any relation to our individuality and freedoms but toward our own generous wills. We can pride ourselves on free will without persecution but that is not how it is today in the USA. In general, people have no love for their neighbor anymore, all people drive alone with no regard to the spirits that surround them.

I think there needs to be a social awakening and as unfortunate as it sounds it appears that we grow closer through the toughest times which we must. But what about all the other days in the year? Collectively, we need to be Americans prided by their own respect and individuality. Not to divide but unite.

Ron Russell said...

Many years ago in the rural areas where I grew up one knew all their neighbors and were always helping eachother. That feeling still exist in the rural areas, but not to the extent that it did in the past. Many thing have occured to bring about these changes---church memberships are down, people don't work at home as they use too (fewer farmers), a great dependency on the auto and many other factors. Now, too many realize that big brother and social programs will take up the slack during economic hardtimes. There was more collectivism, but it was based on ones desire to help their neighbor, not on the idea of the government forcing one to help through higher and higher taxes---that is progressiveism and it does suck the will out of individuality.