Friday, October 23, 2009

Body of 7 year old Somer Thompson found in Garbage Dump

The recent murder of a young Florida girl whose body was found in a garbage dump some 40 miles from the crime scene has again generated outrage from many Americans. An outrage that will soon subside with the passage of time and not return until the next ghastly case occurs. This American this father and grandfather is mad as hell at our politically correct news media, our judiciary who often bends over backward to protect the so-called rights of these murdering perverts and our overall society which in many ways is also responsible for such tragedies.

As I read the many articles associated with this case some things began to jump off the page at me. The body was found at a landfill---just a politically correct way of saying "garbage dump"! Why so nice just call the thing a garbage dump, that is after all how they found the body of Somer by following the "garbage dump trucks". Next they are questioning numerous "registered sexual offenders"--what! We knew about these freaks: including some known pedophiles in the area---give me a damn break--pedophile! They are questioning convicted rapist, and other sexual deviants and perverts and child abusers and child rapist. The perverted sick bastard who committed this sick act may never be found, but when he is you can be assured on one thing and only one thing there will be a long line of defense attorneys waiting to defend him in our failing judicial system. He will be read his rights and given three hot meals a day and have access to cable TV and whatever free medical services he needs. And its safe to say the trial will take a year or more before it starts and if convicted it will be years if not decades before a death sentence is carried out, even if one is given. This is what our great judicial system as come to. Its no longer about the law abiding citizen but has become about the criminal and the attorneys. Attorneys have found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow at the expense of the American tax-payer for we pay their bills for appeal after appeal after appeal! And in the end the pervert may walk free from the jailhouse while the families like those of Somer Thompson cry for justice. Cries that will fall on the deaf ears of an uncaring judiciary and the vulture-like lawyers that hoover around our court houses throughout this once great country.

Its time for a revolution! We need to toss out all political correctness, we need to toss out all judges and start will a totally new slate, we need to change all state laws so that justice can be swift and decisive as the Constitution calls for, finally if necessary we need to amend the constitution to help bring about these changes. But let the people, the common man write the new amendments needed and not some pie-faced lawyers. The language needs to be clear and not subject to judicial review---let the words stand as written and not be subject to the whims of some bleeding heart liberal who knows whats best for us all, but can't even find his own asshole.

Praying For Somer Thompson and Her Family Is Not Enough

Let’s use our anger and our sadness at this latest tragedy to do something genuinely positive for our nation. Child protection should be a national effort from the top down and the bottom up.

When we heard the news about Somer Thompson's body being found in a Georgia landfill on Thursday, a colleague said that she was going to pray for the child and her family. I responded that I would do the same. But after I said that, I thought there had to be more that all of us could do to protect our children. There’s just been too many of these kinds of horrors in the news and an important innocence –childhood innocence— is at stake.

I believe prayer is helpful for Somer’s family and Somer herself, but I also believe that prayer can give us a necessary “time out” from which to consider what exactly is going on in our world and our communities today. Why the loss of innocence and more important what we can do about it.Bottom line: why can’t kids safely walk to school anymore?

First, we have to ask question, could they ever?

I remember as a kid growing up in Queens in the early 1960s. There was a child killer on the loose. The manhunt captured the city for weeks. After he was caught, life went on for me and my friends, but the first life lesson learned was to be careful who you talk to no matter how nice they appear to be.

So in a way, violent reality threatening children isn’t new. But I think all of us can agree –and the crime statistics back this up— the rate and horrific nature of crimes against children is much worse than when many of us were kids and it’s changing the way childhood is lived for the worse. Even after we heard about that child killer, we were more careful, but our innocence was still intact.

Today we often hear the talking head lawyers speak to the issue of the rights of the accused with little consideration to the rights of the victim(s). As a research trained psychologist, I understand their argument, but also understand that if a killer was a one-time child molester, the probability that they will engage in that behavior again is greater than 68 per cent.

So first we have to agree that the danger is out there and ask what we can do to protect the potential victims.

For starters, a blue-ribbon commission of behavioral scientists and criminologists should be established to study this abhorrent behavior and recommendations made on how best to protect our children from these type of crimes. The science needs to drive this one. If there really can’t be a “cure” to this behavior then we have to face the fact that our criminal justice system must make new provisions to accommodate the psychological reality of these perpetrators.

But more important, child protection should be a national effort from the top down and the bottom up.

Surely in these divided times, we can still come together as a nation to protect our children and build stronger communities. What better way than for communities to organize child-protection efforts and our community-organizer-in-Chief to make an America where kids can safely walk to school again a presidential priority? Let’s use our anger and our sadness at this latest tragedy to do something genuinely positive for our nation.

Even after we’ve made serious inroads against this problem, we’ll still have to face the fact that the world will never be 100% safe. This doesn’t mean that childhood innocence has to be lost. The second step after making things safer is to actively restore some degree of innocence to our children and communities through making innocence a priority. read more....
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