Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Green Energy Cost to Much

Yesterday our Green President visited town in FL containing the largest photvoltaic center in the country. The DeSoto Energy center built at a cost of $150 million dollars would provide power to some 3000 homes. For those of you who are not too good with math that's comes out to a cost of $50,000 per home. Or to put it another way figuring a annual cost of $2,000 per home per year it would take 25 years to pay for it. This does NOT figure in the yearly cost of maintenance and general operating cost. This plant in NOT a benefit to the home owners in the area, but only a benefit to those special interest who constructed the plant and those companies such as GE and other Obama supporters whose companies manufacture items needed in the future construction of such plants. Consumers can only afford the electricity provided by such plants if the government subsidizes that cost. This would mean that all tax-payers would bear the cost of such projects even though they do not use the green power. Green power only means one thing more green out of your pocket to pay for these pie-in-the-sky projects. A fool can see the folly of this, but those special interest who have the ear of "Mr Green" have this country headed down the road to economic destruction while they line their pockets with tax-payers money. It's no longer the greed of wall street we need to worry about, but the new "Greedy Greens" and their goofy government friends.
The President visited DeSoto Next Generation Solar Energy center, billed as the largest solar photovoltaic center in the country. The company's 90,500 solar panels are able to generate about 42,000 megawatt hours each year, but the project cost $150 million to build and only provides power to 3000 homes, prompting critics to say the administration doesn't have an overall energy strategy.

In remarks after a tour of the plant, the President blasted his opponents on energy reform, saying, "The closer we get to this new energy future, the harder the opposition's going to fight. The more we're going to hear from special interests and lobbyists in Washington whose interests are contrary to the interests of the American people, " Obama said. "There are those who are also going to suggest that moving toward a clean energy future is going to somehow harm the economy or lead to fewer jobs. And they're going to argue that we should do nothing, stand pat, do less or delay action yet again. I just want to point out, we've heard such arguments before. We've engaged in this same type of debate a lot of times through our history. People don't like change, and they get nervous about it."

But, Washington Representative Doc Hastings, the Ranking Member on the House Natural Resources committee said it's not nerves that are causing pause on Capitol Hill. It's the plan itself, and the taxes it will impose on Americans that are the real problem. “Another day, another empty promise from the President to support ‘comprehensive’ energy development," Hastings said in a statement to Fox News. " Instead of producing all-of-the-above American energy, the President’s job-killing cap and trade bill simply produces more taxes on all Americans’ energy. Republicans have a better plan that will create jobs and reduce our dependence on foreign oil by developing a wide range of American energy sources from solar to natural gas.” read more from FOX News
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