Sunday, October 4, 2009

Revisionist History: The New Trojan Horse

I experienced the full result of revisionist history this past weekend as my grandson who is now a junior at one of our great universities, rode with me to the once war-torn city of Vicksburg, Mississippi. I has telling him about a recent post of mine about the Kennedy assassination and Lee Harvey Oswald when much to my surprise he stated, "I always thought Oswald was a right winger"! Needless to say, I was shocked and hopefully set him straight on that point. Naturally I asked where he heard such a thing, he stated he couldn't remember he had just always thought that. His mother and father are both staunch conservatives and know the truth about that event and Oswald. That exchange got me to wondering how many other things had he been misinformed about over the years. How much revisionist history had been fed to this young man and to the millions that go though our school systems.

Those on the left have been busy, very busy rewriting our great history to fit their perverted idea of what American has been in an attempt to corrupt the minds of the future generations to insure the America they dream of. And sadly, I must admit that in many cases they have been successful. While Americans slept, the Trojan Horse of revisionism has been brought into our schools, into our homes and into our life's. The great gilded Trojan Horse has been adorned with layers of enlightenment ,modern progressivism, and a shining new truth. But inside this great marvel lies an ugliness, a lie, a deception and a ticking bomb that can if left unchecked can destroy traditional American values.

As I sit writing the final lines of this post I am still stuck by the words of my grandson, "I always thought Oswald was a right winger". This drove the point of what I already knew home, more than any article by a great writer ever could. This was my grandson, and I knew at that moment that his young mind had been filled by the grand lies of "revisionist history".

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