Friday, October 9, 2009

The Stealthy Troll

Recently I have come into contract with a stealthy troll via a long time "former" friend of mine, Stogie at Saber Point. Normally, I don't put much stock in trolls and seldom engage with the little weasels. This guy is the exception. He has evidently been on numerous visits to my blog looking for post that contain some racial references and then checks out my blogroll and proceeds to go to some of those sites where he engages the unsuspecting target with a very good dialog on race. He is never directly confrontational there, but his goal is to point out things about someone else's blog in hope of turning one against the other. Sadly my former friend Stogie took the bait and the stealthy little troll reeled in a big one and Stogie dropped me from his blog roll. While at the same time saying he doesn't link to friends of Texas Fred, however I see some of Freds friends on his links. Stogie at Saber Point is a nice guy and most of his post are great and well thought out, but he is evidently weak and unsure of some of his positions and subject to turn on a dime. The troll actually did me a favor and I am happy to find out the truth about someone who I thought to be a strong conservative, but who is in reality something quite different. I will not provide the link of the nasty little troll, but he is know as "Mnut". Be careful when he visits your site for he is a very good writer, but his intentions are not good and as soon as he has accomplished his mission he will leave for his next victim. I am leaving you a link to the post of Stogie's where he folded to this troll. Stogie's Fold

This post is not directed against Stogie at Saber Point, but simply a troll-warning to be on watch for this sneaky little weasel.
The following is a copy of my final comment on Saber Point. I'm putting it up here because I'm not sure it will be posted there:
This is my final comment on your blog Stogie. Don't know if you will post it or not, but rest assured it will be posted on mine. You write some very good articles and I've enjoyed reading them in the past. I do respect your writing skills and very sorry that you are stuck out there on the west coast in the Bay Area. I have made many visits to your blog over the past months and left numerous comments on your blog. Your visits to mine have been sparse and usually only when I mentioned a specific post of mine that I wanted you to check out. I'm very aware that my writing skills are not in your league and that you may look down on my feeble effort at blogging. That's OK. I must tell you however, that I try to make return visits to all who visit my blog---I'm not always successful, but I do try. Sorry, Stogie I can't say the say for you. As for my views on race, I think they fall in the main stream and I am honestly shocked that you let a little sneaker troll define my attitude on this. Sure my comments are straight forward and devoid of political correctness. A thing which you evidently value---so be it. I've been called racist, redneck, and recently hillbilly by Mnut on your blog something which is evidently OK in your world of political correctness. And yet through all of this I refused to use the "N" word except in satire pieces which those like Mnut take out of context. Stogie, my "ex-friend" you have been had by one of the oldest tricks in the book and I'm surprised you took the bait.
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