Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Yesterday I reported on a recent shooting in Brookhaven, Mississippi of an elderly white woman by two young black men. This is just one example of black on white crime sweeping the state and the nation as well. Something that is seldom, if ever pointed out in the MSM or even in various local publications. They avoid this issue like the plague, unless the victim is black and the perpetrators are white. Then the news is quickly flashed coast to coast and invariably national black leaders such as Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson will be leading marches in some small community shouting racism as they lock arms and parade down main street USA.

The figures on "white on black violence" and "black on white violence" are not available, but one need only look at the various news accounts coming from communities across the nation to see that "black on white violence" is far more common and widespread than the reverse. When confronted about this fact, leaders in the black community will quickly side step the issue by saying that "black on black" crime and "white on white" crime is far more common. That is a given and easily understood. This post however is about the steadily increasing violence against whites committed by young black gangsters. The reverse is rare, and you can rest assured that such incidents will be thoroughly reported by those in the MSM and their allies.

We have hate crimes laws on the books and I would suggest that crimes such as the recent shooting of Eva Pullen in Brookhaven, MS may very fall under such statutes. I have never supported such laws knowing that they would seldom be used in cases involving "black on white" violence, but would almost always be applied only when a black was the victim.

Many have noticed this disturbing trend in recent years and its time for some in the media to speak out and forget political correctness and just let the facts speak for themselves. Media such as local newspapers are for the most part bound by facts and I contend the facts are there if only one chooses to look for them. And most papers do have editorial sections where the various writers can express their opinions based on the facts at hand. It's time to step forward and confront that which is staring us in the face. Broad daylight shootings on the main street of small town USA cannot and must not be tolerated.
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