Saturday, April 24, 2010


It seems that many in this country would favor a national ID card to prove they are citizens if it would magically help control the illegal immigrant problem. But the simple truth is that no national program has done anything to control the number of illegals flooding into this country. A national ID card would just put another restriction on law-abiding Americans and those who choose to break the law will continue to do so. We all know that restrictive gun laws only infringe on the rights of honest citizens while doing nothing to prevent criminals from obtaining guns. Why in gods name would a national ID be any different. I pray I never see the day when I walk down the street and have the police ask to see my papers. On that day, at that moment I will know the America of my father, the America of the founders is dead and I am in a totalitarian state. To me there is no compromise on this issue. Its black and white with no middle ground. To compare it with a driver's license, or a social security card is a red herring. You only have to show a driver's license when driving, not when walking to the corner store. You only have to show your social security card at the bank, when opening an account and perhaps at the doctors office. Just imagine being stopped on the street and asked for your papers---the mere thought is repugnant and unAmerican to me. Hell it that happens I might as well be in Cuba or Communist China.
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