Thursday, April 22, 2010


Will there be an October Surprise? An event that could radically change the outcome of the fall elections. In the past few months there has been an increasingly loud cry from the voices on the left pointing to the rhetoric of some in the Tea Party claiming they are advocating violence. I fear that these voices will be heard, not by those in the Movement but by some radical on the left who will seize upon the opportunity presented by the constant drum beat coming from those in the MSM and certain Democratic leaders such as Bill Clinton and others; and that deranged radical will commit an act of violence against a leader on the left knowing full well that the finger will immediately be pointed at the Tea Party and those associated with it. Several weeks ago, on that rare occasion when I watch Chris Matthews he was recalling the Kennedy assassination and although admitting to the fact that Lee Harvey Oswald was a leftist, he blamed that act not on Oswald but on the right wing activity that was wide spread in Dallas weeks before that fatal day. This clearly represents the lefts mindset as well as that of the MSM. If some dramatic event occurs involving the death on someone on the left or even on the right it will invariably be blamed on the Tea Party. You can be sure of this! This could very well be the October surprise.
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