Wednesday, May 19, 2010


To paraphrase something Barack Obama keeps reminding us of "elections  have consequences" when the numbers in tonight's primaries are finalized I wonder if he will continue that message; for the people in Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Kentucky and other states are showing that he was right "elections do have consequences".  The results of tonight's elections will be spun by each pundit so as to fit his own personal beliefs and agenda, most Americans, however will see these elections as a rejection of Obama and his relentless drive to gather more power in Washington and fundamentally change America.  A change that is going down in defeat now that the voter is having his voice heard above the roar of the special interest that infect the halls of Congress. Yes Barack, "Elections do have Consequences"


Steve Dennis said...

Elections do have consequences, and slowly but surely the American people are beginning to realize that they made a huge mistake. We have seen this in virtually every election that has been held since last November. Last night was the latest example.

Always On Watch said...

The backlash against this administration and Congress is just starting, really. We saw the harbingers in the off-year elections.

WE THE PEOPLE are fed up!

Trestin Meacham said...

Nice to see Specter go the way of Bennett.

Debbie said...

Specter is gone and that is a very good thing. He didn't even know what he stood for, whether he was Democrat or Republican. He just wanted to get re-elected.

Right Truth

Matt said...

You can see the rejection of Obama, Pelosi, and Reid in that the Dems are distancing themselves from him. At my polling place, I looked at all of the signs, and saw that NONE of the Dem candidates mentioned party. They're running scared.