Friday, May 7, 2010


The liberal state government in California knows only one thing, spend-spend-spend its their answer to any problem they see, in short its the liberal way. The government of California has thrown out the welcome mat to any illegal who finds his way to the "Nanny" state. The state offers them medical services, social welfare programs and just about anything they want. Is it any wonder most stay in the Nanny state. For years California has been on the cutting edge of many liberal programs, unrealistic CAFE programs(which the Obama administration has now adopted), no reform of welfare programs(when almost ever other state has adopted welfare reform) and a multitude of radical environmental programs(which are draining the states coffers). The state government in California has caved-in to labor and those on the public dole and gives those two groups many special benefits which in the end cost the other citizens of the Nanny state billions of dollars each year, and at the same time prevents businesses such as WalMart and others from locating in the state and providing the consumers with lower prices. The government of California has even tried to impose eating standards on its citizens, because some feel the government has a duty to determine how the average citizen should conduct their lives. In short, the people of California have had their state ruined by a handful of semi-socialist(we know whats best for you) bureaucrats in the state house in Sacramento. I also suspect that the Obama administration is now considering bailing out the state since this state more than any other has policies in place that mirror the policies that the administration in Washington is attempting to install nationwide. Therefore, it cannot let this state fail, because failure there would send a signal that the policies of the Obama administration will lead to a similar nationwide failure.
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WomanHonorThyself said...

hiya Ron..and how much more power will the govt steal..ugh!

Matt said...

The thing is Ron, is that they fail to recognize their own failure. They'll continue to do it, and continue to fail. All the while, they'll never recognize that it was their own policies that failed.

PatriotUSA said...

The state of Oregon runs a close second to Falicornia, Ron. We
have had asshat stupid liberal
progressives in power for way too
long and the state is buckling
under from excessive taxation
and user fees. I am afraid you
might right on the target with
this one.

MK said...

What you said about california 100% right, if only the liberals would learn from it though. The annoying thing is that even in the face of cultural and financial ruin, very few of the liberal scumbags there understand what caused their failure or even want to.

Debbie said...

I don't know how we can bail out anybody, we're broke. Just keep on spending what we don't have.

I heard Obama is supposed to give "another" speech today, this one about us being "good citizens". I think the citizens have been pretty good, it's Washington that needs to look at themselves and start being "good politicians'.

Right Truth

KG said...

California is the perfect liberal laboratory, but as MK and Matt point out, they'll refuse to accept reality for as long as American taxpayers continue to prop them up.

Teresa said...

These liberals have a disease called spendaholism. First, they need to stop denying that they have a problem. Then, they need to admit that they have a problem. Until that happens this adminstration and California is hopeless and paving the way for the crash of a lifetime.

Steve Dennis said...

That is a thought that I hadn't thought about Ron,if California fails and goes bankrupt it will show the country what will happen if Barack Obama get all of his policies passed and he just can't have that! I see bailout coming also.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

What you write is true, because I live here. My own county is going bankrupt because the former county executive stated that he would make "Sacramento County the shining star in terms of social services offered in the state," meaning that you could get MORE Free Cheese in Sacramento than in other counties. Then he went out and spent $15,000 for a teak desk for his office.

Since then, he has retired as he saw the fiscal writing on the wall and didn't want to be perceived as responsible for Sacramento County's budgetary collapse.

And collapse it has. My own department fired 150 deputies last budget year. That's more cops than most departments possess across the United States.

There is talk of my department having to take it on the chin for ANOTHER budget hit, this time to the potential of $58 MILLION. That would mean a loss of up to an additional 300 to 350 deputies. If that were to occur, you could come to my county and see the REAL "old west."

To date, NO OTHER county in Fornicalia has fired as many cops. Not even Los Angeles. Why is that? Because of Sacramento's rancid priorities. Social services for freeloaders come FIRST and public safety can go straight to hell.

I always knew there was a reason I chose to live two counties AWAY from my work, in the mountains, where people still speak English.



I sure hope it does not come to this, because it will spread. If California gets a bailout, who is to stop New York and other states. Then cities will follow. Basically America will be divided between independent states and cities, and those owned by the federal government.

Kris said...

Well, I think that the government will do NOTHING. The federal government is bailing out everyone around the world EXCEPT THE TAXPAYERS, which are the ones who need the bailout FAR more than the banks, insurance companies, investing firms, insolvent governments and welfare states. Every time we agree to one of these “bailouts”, we are closer to the crash of the Dollar and the end of life as we know it. We simply CANNOT keep this up. Will Obama Bailout Cali?

Kris said...
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