Saturday, May 29, 2010


The tipping point is that invisible mark that each must find. And in the end some will sit on the side lines while others join the fight. But once the fight is joined the onrushing events will gather momentum and all will be effected by the great struggle and even the "sunshine patriot" will find no refuge from the storm. We are now approaching that point, that place from which there is no turning back, some will say yes, while others hold back and cringe before the foreboding warnings.
Great changes are in the wind and the forces of change are gathering as the approaching storm looms large on the horizon. Many are seeking the shelter of family and friends with the hope that these changes will pass them by and they can again feel the warmth of yesterdays. While others are rushing to fill the breach torn in the fabric of the nation by those forces who would not only destroy the tomorrow's but the yesterday's. For the fair weather soldier the tipping point will never come, for they will continue to push that point farther and farther down the road. They will stand under that sheltered tree as the battle swirls round them and their muskets will never know the taste of fire and smoke. But wiser men will stand and say, "no more", for they have reached that place from which there is no retreat--THE TIPPING POINT!


Always On Watch said...

wiser men will stand and say, "no more", for they have reached that place from which there is no retreat--THE TIPPING POINT!

We need hordes and hordes of "wiser men" right now. This minute.

I agree that the tipping point is upon us. My guess? Before this year comes to an end!

I see America spinning out of control, at a faster and faster rate.

Trestin Meacham said...

I think that our country will change a lot this summer.

PatriotUSA said...

The line in the sand was drawn
back in November, 2008. This is
a really fine post and will most
likely steal it for PC. So many
we know have reached and crossed
way beyond the tipping point.

Watching, waiting, ever vigilant.
That time is coming. America
must be saved from the POTUS who is part of the Ummah.

Steve Dennis said...

NO MORE! You are correct, America has reached a vital point and Americans are going to have to decide what kind of country they want their children growing up in. Americans are waking up every day and joining the fight. We can take back this country in November. We MUST take this country back in November.