Friday, May 28, 2010


Recently the Obama justice department under the leadership, attorney general, Eric Holder has announced that charges brought by the Bush justice department are being dropped against black panthers who stood in front of a polling place, billy sticks in hand, in Philadelphia during the the presidential election. This was obvious intimidation on the part of these radical goons and a stark reminder that voter intimidation is still a part of the national scene, especially in some larger urban centers. These urban areas are a breeding ground for political bosses, corrupt machine politics, voter intimidation, duplicate voting and voter fraud on a grand scale. By dropping these charges the Obama administration is signaling it will turn a blind eye toward big city political corruption. This is not at all surprising considering Obama's history and his path to the White House via the Chicago political machine under Mayor Daley. In almost every major recount during recent years the demons have managed to win by finding new votes in unlikely places such as car trunks, trash cans, and abandon warehouses. The very foundations of our democratic society are being under-mined by these corrupt practices. Recently, I saw a video on a election in Mexico City. Those entering the polling place had to show a picture ID and that was check against a voter registration book with picture ID's in it. Additionally, after voting the voters got the purple thumb treatment. This is a good and almost fool-proof method in preventing voter fraud, and this in a third world country so-what new to democracy. Can you imagine the uproar from the left if Republicans proposed the installation of such measures in our election system,the howls of voter repression and discrimination could be heard on the International Space Station. Why would this call for a system to help prevent voter fraud be met fierce resistance? Why would such a seemingly fair system be condemned? The answer is simple---POLITICAL POWER. With the corrupt political practices in the big city brought under control the huge pluralities the Democratic party enjoys in every election coming out of the big urban areas would evaporate almost over night. And yet, there is little desire on the part of the MSM, those on the left, and even some on the right to acknowledge this problem exist. Until such time occurs the rampant corrupt in the vast urban areas will continue and grow worse. I'll finish this by acknowledging that voter repression in the south as late as the 1960's was out-of-control and the federal government instituted measures to stop that. These measures are still in effect in many deep south states. Such measures now need to be applied to the sprawling urban centers where recent evidence of voter corruption and intimidation is evident.
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Snarky Basterd said...

I'm still trying to imagine the uproar we'd hear if W spent only 3 hours in Louisiana today then went on vacation and was missing the Memorial Day ceremony at Arlington on Monday.

Steve Dennis said...

Somehow the Democrats have made it a racist policy for a person to be asked to show proof he is who he claims he is before voting. It seems like common sense to me that you should show an ID before voting, but we all know that the Democrats do not want this because they are the party most guilty of voter fraud.

Debbie said...

Ron, we know Obama will need the Black Panthers as well as SEIU, ACORN, and all the new organizations ACORN is creating under different names.

(I hope you are well, you wife is doing better and that you have a good Memorial Day weekend.

Right Truth

Ron Russell said...

Thanks for the kind thoughts Debbie. She has good days and bad days. Today has been a good one so far.

Ron Russell said...

Steve, I suspect most Americans have no idea of the corruption that goes on in big city elections! Many polling spots don't even have poll watchers so anything goes!

Maggie Thornton said...

Ron, the Holder-Black Panther dismissal was one of the early signs that voter fraud and intimidation will go forward in this administration. With an civil rights icon trying to testify, and a default judgement already handed down, the dismissal was an astounding show of arrogance and graft.

Very interesting that Mexico requires matching a photo with a photo on their books. We must do something. My state is the most conservative state in the Union with a Republican congress and we cannot get an ID check at the polls.

I just saw that Rep. Steve King says Muslims, SEIU and the ACLU is running Justice. Pathetic. I think it's the same at the State Department.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful and peaceful Memorial weekend, and my prayers are still with you.

Trestin Meacham said...

Something else that bothers me is the voting machines. It would not be impossible for someone hack into them and change the outcome of an election.

Always On Watch said...

Voter intimidation of the sort practiced by the Black Panthers in Philadelphia in November 2008 totally undermines the republican system of government, a system of government dependent upon the will of the people being voiced at the ballot box.

Trestin Meacham is right about the voting machines -- they are easily tampered with.