Sunday, July 4, 2010

Cap and Trade and Your Electric Bill

Those progressives who want to save the planet by decreasing carbon emissions in the atmosphere will do anything, tell you any lie in order to advance their agenda.  They will admit to a temporary increase in what you must pay for your electricity and gasoline, but claim that will be temporary and in the long run prices will decrease and we will reap the benefits of a green economy.  Looking back in time the same progressives told us that when they instituted the Federal Income Tax that it would be only a temporary measure from which we would all benefit.  The history of taxes in this country is that when a tax is passed it is seldom if ever removed. In short TAXES ARE NEVER TEMPORARY and once passed are here to stay. 

The promises of those who support Cap and Tax are just that, promises!  And the road of the American Progressive Movement is littered with one broken promise after another.  They just can't help themselves and they will always find suckers who will buy their "pie in the sky" schemes, that will in the end only lead to greater control over our lives. After all, collective control over individualism is really their ultimate goal!

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John Carey said...

You know Ron, Cap and Trade does absolutely nothing to reduce carbon emissions (if you believe that the carbon is a contributing factor behind the theory of global warming). Additionally this is nothing but a money making scheme that steals our hard earned dollars and redistributes it on a global level. It's Marxism plain and simple, from a President that embraces Marxist concepts. I personally do not understand how people can't see through this all. I mean do the liberals wake up every morning, pour themselves a cup of stupid then head off to save the world. Why do they support this crap...this scam? Sorry about the rant, but I'm just tired of the hypocrisy of the left.

hbl said...

Atmospheric CO2 as the cause of global warming is the premier fraud from these people. As many reputable scientists have pointed out, the global temperature is determined by the Total Solar Irradiance, the same now being in the waning phase of a 200-year cycle.

John has hit the nail on the head with his characterization of Cap & Trade.

Always On Watch said...

A temporary increase? I think not.

Once prices for energy go up, they typically stay up. And of course, when a tax is passed it is seldom if ever removed.

Can Americans be so stupid as to fall for this Cap and Trade crap? Well, America DID elect BHO. **sigh**

Teresa said...

John has nailed it! Cap & Trade is the biggest scam in history. It is all about wealth redistribution, which is all these dang Marxists care about. I am so sick of the lies and the hypocrisy of the left also.

I hope you had a wonderful 4th Ron!

God Bless America!

MK said...

Exactly right Ron, once they find a way to screw you, they never turn back. They keep stealing and stealing in more and more creative ways.

Trestin said...

It was always about getting in our wallets and controlling our lives.

Steve Dennis said...

That cartton sums it all up perfectly!
The only thing temporary about a tax is the rate of the tax. We can rest assured that once a tax is in place, the rate will eventually go up.