Monday, July 5, 2010

Todays Patriot

Yesterday, the 4th of July has come and gone again as the many before.  As I made the rounds to my favorite sites I read many great tributes to those who founded this great nation and all were filled with hope for the future.  But that word, "Hope" has taken on a new meaning as of late and in fact, has been stolen by those who would discard the dreams of Jefferson and Washington and introduce a foreign ideology, an alien dream to our shores.  The founders and those who followed after, book marked  July 4th as a beginning and the many who followed have continued the dreams of those early patriots.  The torch of liberty has been passed to those of us in this generation and as before it must be kept burning by the patriots of today who will gather strength from our fathers who have gone before and our Father in Heaven.

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The Born Again American said...

You are absolutely right Ron...

Leave it to the progressives and their Idiot-N-Chief to pervert the word HOPE...

Perhaps we should replace the word HOPE with REVERENCE, as this would surely burn the tongue of any of those A**HOLES that tried to utter it...

Debbie said...

I listened to some of Obama's July 4th speech and I was disgusted. How he could say the things he did with a straight face is beyond me. He didn't believe one word of it and has worked to destroy those freedoms.

Hope has taken on a very different meaning from the 2008 elections.

Right Truth

Randy-g said...

Well said B.A.A. Only the left could pervert the word "hope". And Deb, you have way more patience than I, to listen to the "LIAR" in chief's speech.

Randy-g said...

And duh, your spot on Ron!

PatriotUSA said...

As I read this I got chills
down my back and was called
to prayer. So well written and
I will be cross posting this to

As Capt. Barbossa(sp) said in
"Pirates of the Caribbean":
"Our hope has been restored"

It is up to us to change this
to: Our country has been restored!

It is up to us.

Matt said...

Very well said Ron. It's great to view the founders as inspiration, but it is up to us to go on.

Trestin said...

Very well put Ron. Let us pray that our nation will remain free for many years to come.