Monday, July 19, 2010

The Purging of Mark Williams

Recently the National Tea Party Federation, one of the many, but lesser know elements in the movement expelled the Tea Party Express and Mark Williams over a satirical parody they considered over the top and racist.  They, in fact purged Mark Williams, taking a page from the old playbook of Joseph Stalin and in doing so plunged a dagger into the very heart and soul of the Tea Party Movement.  The tea party was born out of dissent and the freedom to express one's opinion and without that freedom would not exist today.  It would seem that David Webb and others in positions of leadership at the National Tea Party Federation have forgotten what the tea party stands for and it is they that should be removed from their positions of leadership, but not purged from the organization as they would have others purged from it.  Purging in not the American way, it is not the tea party way and shame on those who would employ the methods of our enemy and thereby play right into his hands.  The enemies of the tea party have won a victory today, but it will be short lived as the members of the movement show their displeasure with the likes of  David Webb and those around him who would trample the sacred values of the Tea Party Movement.

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Nasa Images said...

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Matt said...

This is precisely why the Tea Parties are supposed to be decentralized. What Williams did, in my opinion, was utterly stupid, but each Tea Party groups should make their own call.

Debbie said...

First, this was a sacrifice to the NAACP, plain and simple.

Second, I've never understood the different TEA party groups exactly. The TEA party Experss, vs. the national TEA party vs. the local groups -- all a very big mistake. This is not a political party per se, it is a movement of individuals.

Getting "organized" is something that the Obama administration does and the TEA party movement getting too organized may be the death of it.

I don't know what the answer is. At the beginning I felt that getting too organized was a mistake, but I think now it would be a good idea for all the scattered TEA party groups to come together in a loosely formed organization that can work together on items they agree on, without the threat if being tossed out if you say or do something that is different.

Right Truth

MK said...

Not sure what the deal is behind this, but doing what the enemy wants is never a good thing. That much i know for certain.

PatriotUSA said...

Exactly why I have not had anything to do with the Tea
party, so far. This was a sell
out to the NAACP, a group that
once something other than the
nasty, race baiting bunch that
it has become.

I will be going to a LOCAL
Tea Party gathering and meeting
as it is here in my home town.
Williams may have planned this
as satirical but the far left
will use it for their own good,
for the short term as Ron stated.

Ron, I like the way you stated
this and will CP with link back
to here.

MK said...

Just saw your note at my blog Ron, you are both in my prayers. May the Lord give you the strength to endure through this hardship.