Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The National Tea Party Federation Rises to the Bait

The MSM is always quick to rise to the bait of the many race-baiter's out there, but usually those on the right are able to restrain themselves. This caution however was tossed to the wind recently when the National Tea Party Federation swallowed hook, line and sinker that foul smelling bait concocted by the NAACP and its minions.  Despite its formidable sounding name, the National Tea Party Federation, is but a minor player in the Tea Party movement and after last weeks moves by its now infamous leaders it will soon see its few remaining members jumping ship.

Yes, the race-baiters have reeled in one, but it isn't a keeper.  Some damage has been done to the over all Tea Party movement, but in the end the movement will be stronger.  I would urge those in the Federation to rid themselves of their leadership and continue their support of the principles laid down by the real founders of the Tea Party Movement---the American people!  Remember there are always, always a few rogue leaders who will seek self-importance over underlying principles!
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