Sunday, October 27, 2013

Obama's Lifelong associations with Shady Characters has lead him to be a Flim Flam Artist

This collection of more than 100 articles begins with the now famous title essay, a devastating summary of Obama’s lifelong associations with thugs, frauds, swindlers, socialists, and communists. Throughout almost 600 pages, author Don Fredrick outlines how the nation’s current temporary occupant of the Oval Office is—whether by design or by accident—destroying the United States of America. Learn about the liberal thought process and why it’s not that easy being “green.” Find out why fat black women need not apply for jobs in the Obama economy. Discover the real cause and devastating impact of inflation. Understand how everyone has a threshold and why Obama is determined to find yours. Search for the missing hatchets and scalpels. Examine the “Job Destruction Act of 2009.” Learn the other “N-word.” Find out why you should invest in gold and silver, while you prepare for health care rationing. Learn to recognize Obama’s false choice persuasion technique. Consider the real meaning of the term “natural born citizen” and why it makes Obama the nation’s second illegal president. Learn why Obama is more like Captain Queeg than Seth Adams. Enjoy the tales of King Barry and the Nation of Decline, and Obama in the chocolate factory. Lastly, prepare for the coming de facto secessions and contrast life in America economy with survival on a desert island. With simple examples and often acerbic wit, the author turns complicated issues into straightforward concepts that will remain in your mind—and make it easier for you to challenge the arguments of leftists. Some pages will make you laugh. Others may make you cry. But all will leave you better informed… and prepared for what lies ahead.
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