Friday, September 23, 2016

"Boyz n the Hood" reject Barack Obama's membership Application

Some contemporary history researchers have determined that at one time in his youth, Barack Obama's request for membership in the "Boyz n the Hood" was rejected by it's Los Angles Chapter because of his half-cracker heritage and pussy-like hand gestures.  A rejection, that left the Hawaiian-Kenyan no other choice, but a hasty retreat to nearby Occidental College located between Pasadena and Glendale.  Once at Occidental, Barack quickly found that most of his professors embraced the same philosophy that originally drove him to the hood.  It was there, that the young Hilo surfer or spear-tossing Kenyan, if you prefer; had to prove his hate for America and authority to Saul Alinsky, wannabe professors.

Years later Barack Obama took the helm of the nation, but as
one just might expect he brought to the nations highest office the same values and beliefs that his beloved professors at Occidental had instilled in him.  Beliefs that have guided him for the last 8 years as president.  Beliefs that have led him to embrace the actions of the mob in the streets.  Beliefs that have caused him to distrust the actions of law-enforcement across the nation.  Deep seeded beliefs, that are embedded in his DNA.  Beliefs that tell him police are evil racist and therefore should all be taken to task, and either eliminated or re-indoctrinated so their values can equate with the "mob in the streets"!  Sadly, Barack Obama is not just one of the "Boyz in the Hood" but has far exceeded his life long ambition of joining the Hood, by becoming their De facto leader.
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