Saturday, November 12, 2016

Democrats should quit crying and admit Trump won the Race

Democrats should quit their whining and realize that in the race for President not everyone gets a trophy.  In fact, second place doesn't even count.  But then perhaps we need to excuse those young millennials in the streets.  After all, they are part of the "politically correct generation", the generation where everyone gets a trophy and everyone is a winner.  Maybe that's why they are such sore losers.  I really wonder how many of those marching and rioting in the streets over the election of Donald Trump even took the time to vote in the election they are protesting----I dare say, most don't even know where their polling place is.  But then, they would all lie about that if asked.  Evidently lying is considered to be a positive trait in their closed circles.  After all, most supported the biggest liar ever to seek the office of the President, Hillary Clinton.  Really, I can think of no other reason why they flocked to her banner---what else has she ever done except to lie, lie, and lie again.  
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