Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Is "Breaking News" becoming Passe, Public demands that Crystal Ball

There was a time in the distant past---one might say in the age of Troglodytes---when it took weeks if not years for news of the latest Woolly Mammoth kill to get from one cave to another.  However, time marches on, and with each passing decade the hands on the clock seem to move faster.  Today the demise of that Woolly Mammoth is flashed around the globe at the speed of light.  However, modern man, being that creature with an insatiable desire to cross the street before he even gets there is demanding something more modern than those antiquated "Breaking News" stories.  Contemporary  Homo sapiens, in many ways would like to bring back the soothsayer of ancient times and know the breaking news before it happens.  Sadly, there are some out there more than willing to cater to these individuals.  Breaking News and Soothsayer reports are beginning to merge.  A merger, that will lead---I fear---to a domination by the crystal ball.  A news cycle where "breaking news" is passe and where the soothsayers ascend to the throne.     
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