Monday, November 21, 2016

Flavors of Soylent Green

Recent reports coming from the People's Republic of China of secret facilities manufacturing some form of Soylent Green--the ultimate Eco-friendly food, have not yet been confirmed.  However, some media sources have confirmed that  food inspectors in both the United States and Europe has been unable to identify the ingredients of recent dog and cat foods imported from that communist nation.  Coincidentally this development, seems connected to the recent decline in both the Chinese prison and re-indoctrination camp populations.  On what could be a parallel  track the government is converting all state-owned mortuaries into Soylent Green distribution centers.  This comes at a time when vast areas of the country formerly used for agriculture have been converted to sprawling military bases and underground ICBM launching sites.
Upon learning of these events, leading environmental groups across the U.S. have praised the forward looking actions of the Chinese government.  Actions they claim will help save the planet by reducing carbon emissions caused by animal flatulence's and farm machinery.  According to some animal right's group there will no longer be a need to raise vast herds of cattle, maintain filthy hog farms, and unsanitary chicken houses will become things of the distant past.  Seems like the only concern coming from the various Eco groups is what flavors  Soylent Green will be available.
Be a true patriot and eat the only food made "by, of and for the people"! 
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