Tuesday, February 21, 2017

President Trump condemned by the media for not knowing what the acronym CBC means.

Last week at his news conference, President Trump was asked about his contacts with the CBC (Congressional Black Caucus).  Trump seemed unfamiliar with this acronym and was soundly criticized by the media for this unforgivable sin.  I watched the news conference and was equally confounded by "CBC".  The question was on the subject of a meeting with the CBC, a racially segregated organization that denies admissions to Caucasians, Orientals, Latinos, and all other non black groups. Just out of curiosity I checked on commonly used acronyms and shockingly nowhere did Congressional Black Caucus appear.  I've provided a link to those Common CBC Acronyms .  I suspect the reporter asking the question was deliberately trying to make Trump appear clueless.  But then what else is new.  Perhaps someone should ask this so-called journalist, April Ryan, about the CWC (Congressional White Caucus).  Bet she would also be confounded---there is no such critter. 

At any rate the Trump administration has announced that a meeting will  be held with the 49 members of the CBC with a full White House Banquet to follow honoring those in the Congressional Black Caucus.  The menu for this grand banquet is said to contain: chicken wings, ham hocks, fried chitlins, collard greens, boiled tripe, pickled pig's feet, watermelons and Trump 45 Malt Liquor (the nations newest brew)  instead of the usual bubbly Moet and Chandon champagnes.  Sounds Trumpian to me!  Of course, the Donald will be branded as a racist for this, but had Obama laid out a spread like this the brothers and reporters would be heaping praise on him and naming their first born son "Barack"!  
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