Monday, February 20, 2017

President Trump declares Mount Zion Island in Massachusetts a National Park and will move GITMO detainees there.

It has just been learned that President Trump will soon sign an executive order declaring Mt. Zion Island in Massachusetts the nations newest National Park.  The state had recently made the island a Rattlesnake Refuge for the endangered timber rattler which is on the verge of extinction in the land of "lobsters and liberals".  Sources close to the President have indicated the Executive Order on Mt. Zion Island will be followed by another fulfilling the promise of former President Obama to close GITMO.  The order will mandate the removal of detainees from their tropical Caribbean paradise and a relocation to Mt. Zion.  Trump has specified that only two conditions will apply to the detainees and their new environment.  First all long sticks that could be used as weapons be removed and second, that no detainee will be provided with sandals.  Already most all Republicans senators are applauding this move with the exceptions of John McCain and Lindsey Graham.  The move will occur this spring---a time when the local residents (rattlesnakes) are most active and aggressive as they search for mates.  Of course, the closing of GITMO will take away a recruiting tool of ISIS.  But we will be watching to see if those congressmen and women of the liberal persuasion will declare this Rattlesnake infested island to also be a recruiting poster for those wishing to sign up and kill infidels.   

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