Monday, May 1, 2017

Thousands of wannabe Communist flood the streets of America to celebrate May Day aka International Workers Day

Tens of thousands swarm the streets of America and around the world to celebrate 'May Day' aka International Worker's Day.  These dedicated couch potatoes are taking time on this glorious Socialist Holiday to finally work up a sweat, by marching while carrying the flags of past revolutionary victories in the ole USSR, Venezuela, and that island paradise of the Castro brothers.  These youthful demonstrators as well aa the dependable  old guard, 'Reds', carry signs condemning U.S. Imperialism, global warming deniers, reactionary xenophobes, homophobes, Islamophobes and those racist who numbers seem to be growing.  But foremost among their grievances is the usurper in the White House, Donald J. Trump who has dared to embrace (as they see it), their beloved leader of the world's most powerful socialist state.  The state, who leaders from Lenin to Putin have fought and died for the Worker.  The reality of this May Day marches by youthful socialist and old diehard Reds is quite simple.  They seek to overthrow the presidency of Trump and replace it with a government that will give them more free stuff.  Free stuff, that would help continue their insulation from that most dreaded of all things---WORK! 
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