Friday, June 30, 2017

Carnal Lust of "Big Foot" unleashed on Unsuspecting Voluptuous Blonde

On her first trip to the great American outdoors, a voluptuous city blonde goes on the deck of her remote wilderness lodge early one morning, just before her jog down the winding mountain path.  For some inexplicable reason the young lady, decides to expose her bodacious ta ta's to the forest creatures below. 
Unbeknown to the titty flashing blonde, hidden eyes are watching from the forest floor.  Hidden eyes, that focused squarely on the sensuous body of the young ripe blonde above.

A short while later the blonde begins her morning trek down the mountain trail.  Still completely unaware of the great hairy brute following.  A brute whose carnal lust could no longer be restrained, despite his instinct to avoid contact with humans.  

Suddenly and with warning the enormous creature sprang from the shadows snatching the unsuspecting girl and dragging her back into the green foliage of his forest lair.

What repeatedly occurred for the next several days was something best reserved for the makers of XXX porn films.  Fortunately, the exhausted and totally ravished young blonde was able to escape as the lustful beast fell into a deep sleep while holding his placid but still prodigious phallus.

After hours of wondering through the tangled undergrowth the blonde is discovered by members of a search party.  At which time one of the Forest Rangers asked if she had seen any sign of Big Foot as there had been some earlier reports of sightings.  The blondes reply was simple and to the point, "Big Foot my ass, if you only knew the half of it."  The disheveled damsel further stated that for some inexplicable reason she no longer had the urge to hookup with NFL players or men from Texas.
by Ron Russell   
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