Sunday, June 4, 2017

Kathy Griffin and Hillary Clinton to go on Historic "BooHoo" Tour of America

It is now confirmed, the comedian Kathy Griffin, of Trump beheading fame, and Hillary Clinton, who lost the election because of Macedonian Hackers, are joining forces.  These two "poor me" women will travel across the country on what some have dubbed as a "Boohoo Tour".  Both are blaming their destruction was the work of  evil white old men.  With Hillary pointing an accusing finger at Russian leader Vladimir Putin and Kathy blaming the 70 year old man in the White House, along with the first lady and their 11 year old son for her deteriorating position in LaLa Land.  It would appear that many in this country have failed to recognize the dangers posed by Christian Macedonian goat herders.   And an equal number oblivious to the importance of contemporary comedy and art.  All Americans should rally around these two poor souls and should their grand tour come to your town give them exactly what's due.  THE MIDDLE FINGER SALUTE!      
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