Sunday, September 3, 2017

Progressive Groups plan Monument for Nat Turner, the infamous killer of White women and children.

While progressive groups across the nation are calling for the removal and in many cases the destruction of Confederate Monuments for fear they would some day fall into unfriendly hands and be erected once again on private property.  However, following the recent movie Birth of a Nation many liberal groups are insisting for a monument to honor Nat Turner. Not the Nat Turner who roamed the Virginia countryside, killing all whites he came across regardless of sex or age.  But the benevolent black slave preacher depicted in purely fictitious Hollywood movie accounts of that slave uprising.  The total victims of this rampage was about 60 (most of whom were women, children and babies).  Of course, they were all guilty of having that most despised skin color of today's progressive movement--WHITE! 

Now I would have little problem with the erection of such a monument, provided that just like those of Confederate Generals his battlefield victories be inscribed on it's base.  Along with the fact, there is nothing noble in hacking innocent women and children to death.  Yea, erect the statue of Nat, and give the man the honor he so richly deserves.  After all such a structure would be a lasting reminder of the stupidity of the progressive mind.      

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