Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Progressives in Baltimore deface the statue of Francis Scott Key, author of the 'Star Spangled Banner'

Just this student progressives at the University of Virginia, in the dark of the night cover the statue of Thomas Jefferson, the founder of that institution.  Claiming that Jefferson was not only a racist slave owner, but a rapist as well.  I suppose that if should erect statues and monuments of men who were not perfect we should begin with that of Jesus Christ.  But seriously, how long would that last on today's university campus.  However, at this moment I suspect some  of the few statues that would be welcome in the halls of academia would be those of Vladimir Lenin and Martin Luther King.  That is until those astute historians learned that Lenin was white and ML King was a Republican.
Of course Jefferson, was not the only historical figure targeted by the campus intelligentsia, the statue of Francis Scott Key was targeted by neo-reactionaries, who claimed that the National Anthem was racist and nothing more than an effort by former Confederates to compensate for their loss in the Civil War.  You must remember that the Star Spangled Banner was only adopted years after the War for Southern Independence---sometime in the 1930's.  At any rate, if anyone was so naive to believe that tearing down confederate monuments would satisfy the blood lust of that 'Band of Angels' on the left these acts prove they were sadly mistaken.  However, these brain-washed products of our great universities have proven one thing----they hate America and everything it stands for.  They have also shown us that the anti-American propaganda being rammed down their throats at state funded schools must stop.  Jefferson, Scott Key and Robert E. Lee all were patriots----patriots whose first loyalty was to the state of their birth as was the rule and not the exception in the time they lived.  But all, all were Americans, and not the 'globalist' that have infected college campuses.  These men, these patriots would all make America great again, while those on the left would tear it down making it nothing less than a third rate 'banana republic'.
Now please listen as a Marine 
sings the forth verse of the National Anthem.     

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