Thursday, February 8, 2018

Breaking News: Redacted Democrat Memo on Trump Dossier and FISA Court released by White House

After more than a full year of hearings we in the minority on the House Intelligence Committee have come to an indisputable conclusion that #Trump Sucks!  Furthermore that those Senior FBI agents presenting the FISA Court with evidence requesting surveillance on scurrilous deplorable members of the Trump Campaign are among the most trustworthy and honest public servants we have ever had before our committee.  #Trump Sucks!  Also, after months of investigation, we on the Committee has determined from unimpeachable Russian sources that were once proud members of the old USSR's KGB, that then citizen Trump and prostitutes, did indeed piss on a Moscow Hotel bed once used by former President Clinton#Trump SucksImpeach Trump!  And it should be noted that both candidate and President Trump are displaying all the characteristics of a Russian Agent as portrayed in the Manchurian Candidate#Trump Sucks!  This memo contains the truth and nothing but the truth, so help us Saul Alinsky.  
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