Tuesday, February 6, 2018

White South African Farmers face Genocide while the Black Majority Government in Pretoria gives Tacit Support to it's Henchmen

Genocide in South Africa is becoming a fact of life with the white farmers in the Transvaal bearing the brunt of the attacks on what is seem by liberals as the most evil human to ever walk the face of the earth---THE WHITE MAN.  The successful removal of the white man from Zimbabwe to the North is almost complete.  Turning that once bread basket of Southern Africa into what many would call a vast wasteland with most of the people there facing starvation and becoming dependent on foreign aid coming from the developed world.  One would think their brothers to the south would learn from this.  But their hate for the white man has overridden whatever logic can be found in their  aboriginal minds.  But then one must give them credit in their effort to cover up the atrocities committed against unarmed white farmers---men, women and children.  While they are little-reported even within South Africa itself — the government directed police to stop releasing information about victims’ ethnicity in 2007 — one recent murder which made headlines was that of 64-year-old former pharmaceutical executive Sue Howarth, who was a British national. 

Mrs Howarth and her husband, 66-year-old Robert Lynn, were confronted by a group of masked men at their isolated farm in the small town of Dullstroom, where they had lived for twenty years, in February this year. The men tied up the elderly couple and tortured them with a blowtorch for several hours, with Mrs Howarth suffering “horrific” burns to her breasts. 

Her attackers attempted to kill her by stuffing a plastic bag down her throat, before driving her and Mr Lynn to a roadside ditch where they shot her twice in the head and her husband once in the neck. 

Miraculously, Mr Lynn survived, and was eventually able to flag down a passing car for assistance. Mrs Howarth was also still alive, somehow managing to breathe despite the bag in her throat, but died in hospital two days later. 

Brutality of this sort is far from unique, with civil rights group AfriForum writing that “the horror experienced during farm tortures is almost incomprehensible” in 2014. 

While official statistics on farm attacks do not exist, the Transvaal Agricultural Union (TAU) estimates there were some 345 attacks resulting in 70 deaths in 2016. All told, 1,187 farmers, 490 family members, 147 farm employees, and 24 farm visitors are known to have been murdered between 1998 and the end of 2016 — although the true figure is estimated at between 3,000 and 4,000. “The average murder ratio per 100,000 for the population in the world is nine, I believe,” said TAU spokesman Henk van de Graaf in 2016. “In South Africa, it is 54. But for the farming community it is 138, which is the highest for any occupation in the world.” 

White South Africans fear the killings have the tacit support of the ruling African National Congress, with President Jacob Zuma defending the singing of the revolutionary song ‘Kill the Farmer, Kill the Boer’, and one his MPs crying out “Bury them alive!” during a recent parliamentary debate.

The genocide of whites in South Africa has yet to reach the levels of Nazi Germany, but then the machete is less effective than the dependable gas chamber.  Little wonder the old white controlled government in that nation destroyed their stockpile of nuclear bombs before turning the reigns of power over to the black man.  
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