Thursday, February 1, 2018

Vladimir Putin uses trained birds of prey to take down drones sent by spies or ISIS and guard his Kremlin HQ

RUSSIAN strongman leader Vladimir Putin has specially trained birds of prey guarding his Kremlin HQ from drones, it's been revealed. The fortified seat of government in Moscow has long used birds of prey to chase away pesky crows. 

But now falcons have been trained to take out drones amid fears spies could use them - or worse ISIS use them as a weapon. It is understood the raptor birds are better able to target small drones than hawks. The source told Russian news agency RIA Novosti: "There is already such an experience of use in Europe, but you need to understand that the female hawk weighs about 1.2-1.4 kilograms, the weight is not very big. "Therefore it will be difficult for her to intercept even small drones." A drone and a mobile IED at an ISIS factory discovered by Iraqi forces in June. 

There are already other anti-drone defenses under development to protect the Kremlin from rogue devices. One is an electromagnetic gun with a range of more than a mile. And as previously reported, Russia tested a new “death ray” vastly superior to anything developed by the West, it is claimed. The terrifying weapon uses "directed energy" to disable enemy radio and magnetic equipment on board enemy jets, drones and other aircraft.  Thanks to The Sun.
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