Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Enemy is Islam!

Terror in the sky's on Christmas Day. Not that some needed a reminder, but another radical Islamist tried to blow up a plane again and on a Christian holy day. It was only his lack of knowledge that prevented this attack from being successful and was not due in any part to the government of this country which was, as usual asleep at the wheel.

Umar Abdulmutallab, a wealthy Muslim determined that Allah wanted him to kill Christians on Christmas Day. Obama finally spoke on the attack after days of silence. And managed to utter that word he hates, "terror" briefly, but at the same time refused to connect the day and Islam with the attack. I suppose to him, the date was merely a coincidence, you and I know better.

Despite overwhelming evidence the president and those around him refuse to link terrorism with Islam and continue to tell us that Islam is a religion of peace. The president and those around him are blinded by political correctness and their Utopian belief in multiculturalism. Our state department will NOT link terrorism to Islam despite hundreds of attacks over many years. Our troops stand down on Islamic holidays while a terrorist like Abdulmutallab chooses our holy day to attack. If one of our soldiers in anyway defaces the Koran he is subject to swift military justice. Our leaders insist again and again that the terrorist who attack us don't represent Islam when everyone knows that's a lie.

Our so-called experts on terror agonize over whether this terrorist or that terrorist is a member of al Qaeda. That's not even important because we are dealing with a world wide Muslim movement. We have managed to tie ourselves down in Afghanistan while the enemy remains mobile. While we insist on holding ground in Afghanistan the enemy is advancing in Africa and Yemen. While our leaders point to the slums of the Muslim world as the breeding ground for terrorist they ignore the fact that most jihadis are coming from wealthy and middle class families. And yet, we continue digging wells and building schools in Afghanistan in the foolish hope this will prevent the poor from joining the ranks of the terrorist. Its time to look at the universities and at the jet-set Muslim youth of the world. Our leaders need to quit lying to themselves and to us. The threat is real and the enemy is Islam.


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Correct. Whether he's specifically linked to AQ or not is immaterial. He's an Islamist who believes in the destruction of all Western Societies including and specifically the US and Israel. The rest just gets down to infantile tribalism and nomadism. Unless we wish to become Muslim and adhere to Shari'ah law, there can be no peace between Islam and "infidels." Not the way Islam is practiced now.


Teresa said...

Absolutely. A terrorist is a terrorist regardless of the person being Muslim or not, or being linked to Al-Qaeda or not. This PC and multiculturalism crap needs to stop. This PC crap is the ruination of America. I think profiling needs to start immediately. This will help save innocent lives.

Barking Spider said...

Spot on, Ron, it's ridiculous that after this guy was reported by his own father and refused a visa by our useless Labour government to return to the UK, he was still not on the no-fly list - pathetic!
Making everyone else's life a misery at airports because this twat slipped easily through is a knee-jerk, shut-the-stable-door-after-the-horse-has-bolted, inadequate response. Fail!

Right Truth said...

Ron, building on the Alley Cat article by R.J. Godlewski, I'm reminded of the Sheep Dog scenario. With thinking like Obama, I see that America's Sheep Dogs have been chained up. We have what is required to win this war, but our government will not release them.

Happy New Year.

Right Truth

cmblake6 said...

And then al-Qaeda CLAIMED it.

Welcome to 9/10.

Happy New Year, Ron and all other readers.

Samuel Gonzalez said...


I never considerd the Islamist attack on Christmas angle. But, its a damn good point. And I don't recall Obama saying the word"terror". I must'vemissed that one.

Happy New Year!

And thanks for the love your giving TLT. I really appreciate it.

banned said...

Ron, spot on about the wealthy and the middle classes being mostly responsible for revolutionary/terrorist acts. That can be traced from the French Revolution, the Russian and most in between (yours too) up to and including the Baader Meinhof Gang the Red Brigades and Ho Chi Min.
Likewise this chaps father is incredibly wealthy and he attended one of London Universitys best colleges.

UKs homegrown 'radicalised youth' tend to come from 2nd or 3rd generation migrant families (Moslem Indo/Pak) who have done well for themselves (mainly in retail). Our Community Cohesion dummies are just starting to wake up to the idea that throwing money at multi-culti (Moslem actually) 'community' groups hoping to appease them may not be such a good thing because they have no idea whatsoever which of them harbour extremists and which do not.

Profile screening is certainly one way forward though we still have to deal with those who will shout "racist" at the very idea and it will not help with those idiots who convert to Islam and become most active in its promotion.