Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What is, Is not What Will Be

What is, Is not What Will Be

From the sandy beaches of Waikiki
and the grassy slopes of Kilimanjaro,
an ill wind is blowing and sweeping cross the land.

A cold chill flows over the tombs of Jefferson and Washington.
Lady Liberty's torch is dimmed.

An uglyness is raising it's head.
A seprant is loose and offers up a golden apple,
and the people wait to be fed the wonderous fruit.

The past is dead,
and the multitudes dance on the ghost of yesterday.

Dreamers no longer reflect,
only today and tomorrow have meaning.
A tear flows from Lincoln's stone face,
and the eagle soars not so high.

The usurpers light is bright,
and his star is rising.

Time has no mercy,
and the brightest star will dim and fade.
And in its death a new and brighter star is born.
Jefferson and Washington will smile again.
And the light from Liberty's torch,
will shine brighter than before.

Obama is a footnote.

by Ron R.

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Unknown said...

Very good Ron! I hope it proves true!

Teresa said...

Great poem, Ron! I hope Obama does end up only being a footnote. He needs to go somewhere far, far away. I love the happy ending.

Unknown said...

Well done. I just hope it does not become a rap video