Sunday, December 13, 2009

Obama Could Learn From the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces)

Off Duty IDF Woman With Her Weapon

Its been a few weeks now since the terrorist attack at Fort Hood and after having some time to reflect on that attack many are beginning to question the policy of having our military bases the "gun free" zones they now are thanks to legislation signed by Bill Clinton back in 1993. You would think soldiers of all people would be able to carry their personal weapons while on base, and perhaps even their issued government weapons. If this had been the case at Fort Hood, I dare say the death toll would have been much lower and we would have fewer grieving family members today and just maybe a dead terrorist.

While making my daily rounds the other day I came across a great post at Seaspook titled "From the Mail Bag" on just this issue. In that post Seaspook points out that the IDF, Israeli Defense Forces not only carry their weapons (loaded)on base, but even when off duty in the cities of that beleaguered state. It now seems that American citizens are under the same threats that those in the Jewish state face. It is time, past time to arm our troops at home as well as on the battlefield, as the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan have moved to the homeland.

We know Israeli girls can shoot, but check out these young American girls.

Progressives who seek to restrict or take away gun ownership will have to deal with more than angry men. Don't mess with these girls and their guns. If you love guns and shooting you really must watch this video. We live in a great country and the precious freedoms our founders so wisely preserved in the Constitution must be defended each and every day by today's patriots.
H/T to David Crockett via Traction Control


Unknown said...

In a way, I can almost understand the logic behind our bases being gun free zones, after all you would think that this is the place where our soldiers would be the most safe. But I just don't understand the reason for it in the first place. Why did Clinton make them gun free zones? I just can't figure that out. Was it just a politically correct move to show the world our soldiers only carry guns when they have to? There was no reason for this decision.
One thing that I do know is that if the base wasn't a gun free zone Hasan never would have even tried to kill these soldiers in the first place.

Teresa said...

Unfortunately our country is being infiltrated by terrorists and the law prohibiting guns on military bases needs to be repealed. It definitely could have been a politically correct move. Those women are damn good shooters and would surely want them on my side in a battle. I have heard that the IMF is no nonsense military force. They take their jobs extremely seriously.

TexasFred said...

I have got to say, that M-4 is riding on one fine booty!! :)

Ron Russell said...

I didn't pick that image to showcase the gun Fred!

Right Truth said...

I was shocked when I heard that military bases were gun free. Can't imagine whose bright idea that was. Makes no sense.

The Israelis could teach us a thing or two, or three ...

Right Truth

Snarky Basterd said...

I love a chicky with a machine gun strapped to her ass.

Snarky Basterd said...

@Debbie ... Military bases were gun-free when I when I went into the Army in 1986.... I'd have to do some research to be certain, but I have a sneaking suspicion banning weapons on base came out of the 1970s "reforms" (which were all PC B.S. crap).

Ron Russell said...

Snarky Bastard I got that information on gun free zones from a post at Seaspook which I linked too in my post. I did't personally research it. Seaspook is ex-navy and I had no reason to doubt his information, not saying you are not correct however. Restrictions may have varied from base to base.

DoubleTapper said...

Here in Israel, Girls are not drafted into military service.

Women are.

At the age of 18, Israeli Women are drafted into the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) and serve a minimum of 2 years.

That's why they are called IDF Women, not girls.

Lots more info on service in the IDF here

DoubleTapper, blogging on Guns Politics Defense from Israel

banned said...

Similarly here in UK, even in Northern Ireland which has a much reduced Army prescence; a few rogue Irish republicans were able to get past private security guards and shoot dead two 'gun free' soldiers.
In Switzerland all 18 year olds are conscripted; not only do all serving soldiers have their guns, they continue to keep tham at home when they leave and join the 'reserve', for life.