Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cheney and Obama

Obama is Playing With Fire
Sometimes I get my ideas, such as they are while leaving comments on other sites. Today while leaving a comment at Right Truth on a post by Debbie this was such a case. Her post was entitled "Obama vs. Chaney and I can recommend it. The following is the comment I left. "The difference between Cheney and Obama is stark, only a few gray areas here. Cheney's words were based on reality, the reality of 9/11 and the events that followed the attacks. Obama's words on the other hand were those of a law professor taking to his students about some hypothetical situation. One man, a leader, is based in reality; while the other is living in a fantasy world that has never existed. Sadly, the dreamer is the president and the realist in a former vice president. Obama promised change and change is what we got. Change that is dangerous, change not rooted in reality, change based on a belief that America is the villain and the terrorist are innocent victims. These opposing views are clear and distinct, and the direction the president is taking us if fraught with dangers. Dangers, that I believe will over take this new man in the White House and maybe bring him to his senses; or at the very least wake up those Obama supporters who are in a trance. But the over-arching question is how many will have to die to bring about this CHANGE!"

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kid said...

Let see Ron. Cheney had al-Qaeda beaten until they said that they were trying to get nukes and worked for Saddam. As you know all that was false.Admit you hate the President because he's black, that's it. Now you are trying to blame him for the economy, it was Shrub.BTW, did you tea back the President good ? Did it work ? Grow up .

kid said...

Maybe you should change the graphic to Shrub. He was the one that threw the paper away that said al-Qaeda is going to attack. Bush fiddled while New Orleans got flooded.Yes you wanted four more years of McPain/Palin. It don't matter how bad the economy is as long as some laws screwing minorities were passed.The GOP is dead. You're so bad you call Michael Steele a liberal.

Debbie said...

I love the image, did you make it yourself?

As I said at Right Truth, feel free to be inspired by anything I post at Right Truth. It's all about sharing information and thoughts and you do a great job. I might have to take that image, ha.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Anonymous said...

Well Kid I was in New Orleans at the time of the great floor, most of those who stayed choise to stay and many do in every hurricane. Hurricanes are caused by nature the uproar afterwards was man-made. As for the GOP being dead, you and those like you had better hope that doesn't happen, because without strong business and industry which the demos will tax to death and destroy the economy, those who depend on government handout outs and government jobs will be hurt and I think you are one of those. You also sound a lot like a black racist. I deplore racism. Racism that comes from blacks or whites is wrong. You need to take a long hard look at yourself on that issue.

kid said...

You are full of it. I bet that if you were in Germany in 1938 you would have called the Jewish people racist.We're 12% of the population and we don't run anything. We got the right to legally vote in the mid 60's.It's a scientific fact that the minority group can't be the oppressors.Only in America can a guy in Pittsburgh go to Glenn Beck's site and KILL three cops. No one read "Dreams of my Father" and killed anyone.There is open Klan and Aryan Nation registration at tea parties. Did you see the racist anti-Hispanic stuff ole' Ron has on here.

BTW, people in New Orleans drowned because they couldn't get out.THEY WERE POOR !Some groups spend $1 million TO SAVE DOGS !In America a dogs life is worth more than a black persons.

Ron Russell said...

Anonymous and Kid, would you two would find another battle field. And anonymous, I looked at the link and I don't like links to hate sites left here, take that to Kids site and stay away from here.

kid said...

You are in denial.I guess you didn't see the "Mexifornia" driver license he had.BTW, ole' Ron is homophobic,anti-Islamic and extremely anti -minority.

Anonymous said...

I finally found the Mexifornia post, nothing there just a spoof on California in the year 2029. What are you talking about? Fun poked at a lot of things. Are you that politically correct?