Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cheney and Obama

Obama is Playing With Fire
Sometimes I get my ideas, such as they are while leaving comments on other sites. Today while leaving a comment at Right Truth on a post by Debbie this was such a case. Her post was entitled "Obama vs. Chaney and I can recommend it. The following is the comment I left. "The difference between Cheney and Obama is stark, only a few gray areas here. Cheney's words were based on reality, the reality of 9/11 and the events that followed the attacks. Obama's words on the other hand were those of a law professor taking to his students about some hypothetical situation. One man, a leader, is based in reality; while the other is living in a fantasy world that has never existed. Sadly, the dreamer is the president and the realist in a former vice president. Obama promised change and change is what we got. Change that is dangerous, change not rooted in reality, change based on a belief that America is the villain and the terrorist are innocent victims. These opposing views are clear and distinct, and the direction the president is taking us if fraught with dangers. Dangers, that I believe will over take this new man in the White House and maybe bring him to his senses; or at the very least wake up those Obama supporters who are in a trance. But the over-arching question is how many will have to die to bring about this CHANGE!"

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