Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Obama's Plan: The Final Solution

Phase I

Phase II Phase III Phase IV

Today president Obama strolled into the Rose Garden on the White House lawn
and boldly announced his new mandated CAFE standards.
But perhaps the most telling thing about his statement
was his opening remark and I quote:
"Good Morning, what a beautiful day, the sun is out because good things are happening."
He said this without his TOTUS!
This is the true Obama.
This man thinks the sun rises and sets on him and his agenda.

Obama took a huge step today to gather more control,
not more control over big banks,
not more control over medical services(that is coming later),
not more control over the insurance industry,
not more control over utility rates(that too, is coming later),
but more control over the kind of car you drive.
With his words today his has adopted the California CAFE standards.
He has adopted the plans of a bankrupt state.
He has adopted the plans of the radical environmentalist.
He is seeking to control our very life's.
This fool, this idiot, this would be tyrant, this messianic madman
is taking the country over a cliff.
And these are only his first steps.
Remember what he said today:
"The sun is out, because good things are happening"
by Ron Russell

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Stogie said...

Very well done, Ron. Wow, I do feel depressed now!

Debbie said...

Ron, good catch. I missed that gem from Obama. He is something else, isn't he. What exactly I don't know. he has no shame, no grasp of reality, yet he still has a 60+ percent approval rating.

Hubby and I were talking about this, obviously people don't take the time to keep up with what is going on, they are still "star struck" with him.

Love the images too. Now, tell me how I'm supposed to haul anything in those tiny cars? There's no room for groceries, garden supplies, dogs, people, music equipment,...

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

legolas68 said...

Is there not a portion of my life that the federal government does not want to control?

This is not how it was meant to be....

Sandee said...

He scares me to pieces. He's only begun. So far he's done nothing but take our country into deeper debt. I wonder who he's working for? Who's pulling the strings?

Have a terrific day. :)