Sunday, May 24, 2009

Free Speech

Free speech is a fundamental right guaranteed to each United States citizen and it deserves to be defended and preserved if our nation is to remain great. Under the banner of free speech fall the reports by the press, the rights of individual opinions and ideals, artistic expression and the criticism of our government. While individuals may be disrespected, inconvenienced or offended by the use of free speech, society as a whole benefits from its existence.

The existence of free speech insures that each voice is heard and acknowledged and although our opinions may differ and elicit fiery debate, the opportunity to learn and create a pursuit of truth and understanding is invaluable. Our nation's strength lies in our ability to express our opinions, often in opposition to government, which creates debate and ushers in change. Free speech is the foundation of the United States' greatness. To stifle the voice of humanity is to extinguish the flame of democracy which burns bright throughout the world. To limit the ability to speak ones conscience is to stifle the voice of humanity.
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