Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Glen Beck Draws First Blood in Czar War

The recent, forced resignation of "green jobs czar" Van Jones, although not solely due to the excellent reporting of Glenn Beck is great and Beck should be given the lions share of credit. It seems as Beck is on a crusade (is that word still permitted) to expose these far, far left loons who Obama and his people have brought into the highest levels of government with little or no over-sight by Congress. Obama is surrounding himself with the same types of people who he associated with during his community organizer days in Chicago. He dared not do that during his campaign, as the American electorate would not have tolerated it. Now however, he feels that since he is the supreme leader he can do as he chooses and the hell with what anyone else thinks. Obama's way or the highway seems to be the path he is following. With each passing day Obama is proving himself to be less and less a uniter and more and more a radical partisan , with little use for compromise. The battle lines are being drawn and those on the left and right are digging in for the great conflict and what could become an epic struggle for the future of our country.

Glenn Beck Draws First Blood in Czar War. While you were out this Labor Day weekend, you might have missed Sunday's resignation of Van Jones, President Obama's "green jobs czar." Plenty of commentators noticed and, two days later, they're still chattering about all the implications.

Most see it as an example of the White House caving in to pressure from conservatives or trying to eliminate distractions from the president's renewed push for health care reform. For some, it marks Glenn Beck's ascendance to a leading role in the media opposition to the Obama administration. The Fox News host portrayed Jones as a radical and a Communist in a broader campaign attacking Obama advisers known as "czars."
News that Jones had used a crude epithet to describe Republicans and signed a petition suggesting the Bush administration was in on the 9/11 attacks added to his troubles.

In this episode of Czar Wars, Arianna Huffington is casting Jones -- her friend and former employee -- as Obi-Wan Kenobi. She says striking him down just makes him more powerful -- freeing him to be a stronger force in advancing progressive causes. So Huffington thanks Beck for thrusting Jones into the spotlight, even if it was through a "vile and vicious smear campaign."
Beck has also thrust himself in the spotlight and nobody expects him to back away now. The Daily Beast and Politico are scoping out his next targets. They include regulatory adviser Cass Sunstein, FCC diversity chief Mark Lloyd and environmental adviser Carol Browner. One conservative blog added Ron Bloom's name to the list just hours after President Obama introduced him as "manufacturing czar" on Labor Day. read full story from AOL

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